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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 23, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: back in march the chief was criticized for sending an armed officer to be reporters home and now the chief is under the microscope again, this time for having berkeley police officers investigate his sons: iphone. >> in january, the berkeley police chief has iphone still live. the phone was equipped with tracking software tied to the chiefs cellphone. the chief reported crime in the four detectives were set
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out to track down the phone. preferential treatment and over use of resources, the chief says it was not. >> the chief says it is not unusual to have as many as 11 officers assigned to track down missing electronics. in this case the foam was tracked to oakland before the signal was abandoned. berkeley police say it is also common in an active investigation. >> we prioritize cases where we have a live truck with a probable suspect that we can follow. it is a great leap for us and i expect our investigators and officers after work those whenever possible.
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>> if they have tracked cell phones in the past i doubt that they have used for police officers with two hours of overtime. >> as for the cheese, he says he welcomes the screen. >> one thing i have always said, if we mess up, fess up. >>haaziq: there is nobody, no murder weapon, no blood evidence found in the
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suspect's car. investigators maintain that antolin garcia torres is responsible for the march 16th kidnapping and subsequent murder of 15 year-old sierra lamar. >> detectives believe the evidence in the case is strong enough points to him as the primary suspect in the case. >> the sgt trusts offer some comments made by the family members of thorez regarding his innocence. >> there are relatives and they are entitled of their own opinion. the main components that we have, and side airbag or numerous items that yielded the dna of garcia torahs. then, there is a motive for the stranger abduction.
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>> as far as the motive goes, only garcia thorez would know that. when he was asked about the whereabouts of sierra lamar, he declined to provide the information. >>pam: the official search for sierra lamar is still searching on the reservoirs near morgan hill.
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the >> inside their mobile command center, deputies reviewed images from the lake bottom. submerged vehicles are easily discernible but this summer can also pick up something as small as a gun. the suspect is reportedly an avid fisherman. this reservoir is a popular fishing spot a few miles from his home. the sheriff's office has not said if that is the reason for the ongoing water search which is circus not just on the water's edge near a road. >> we are looking everywhere just in case something moved in. >> deep water and poor visibility means if we are
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able to go through in feel confident that there's nothing in the water, that allows us to take the resources to the next location. >> he told me that when this is over he is going to get his job back. >> the big weather story today has certainly been the wind.
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>>jaqueline: we could gain a few showers, i will tell you more in the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> if you live in san francisco, be aware. this is where you could come across, street fights. i am j.r stone and i will talk about what could be a growing online problem. >>pam: we will tell you what one bay area since it is
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>>pam: the owners of the golden state warriors are planning to move to san francisco to build a new arena at pierre's 30 and 32. it will be a challenge as charles clifford explains, the waterfront location is in serious need of repair. >> behind me our peers 30 and 32. it is just within walking distance of downtown. the peers are in bad shape.
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during this fight, a and is attacked. arrest in this case, but not this one that happened inside of a burger king restaurants. >>pam: the bar's owners are working on a deal to reopen the gold dust cloud avenue fishermans wharf location. the details of that plan are still being worked out. it will be about four months before the gold dust clouds will reopen. san jose residents making
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minimum wage could soon be getting a raise. voters will decide on a new ordinance that would raise the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour. there would also be mandatory inflation adjustments. a san jose state university sociology class champion to the poll and gathered enough signatures to qualify the measure for the ballot in november. >> we are still seen as the winds come even at this hour. the winds are going to continue to die down a little into the 10:00 our staying relatively breezy along the coast. wind gusts in the 20 mi. an hour range. as we headed to tomorrow morning the winds are coming down bay area wide. by noon, the winds along the coastline start to pick up.
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in the afternoon, gusty winds and closer to the coastline, dark blue gusty conditions through the delta and along the coastline and peninsula. as for high temperatures tomorrow, cooling. the inland valleys, relatively mild temperatures. 70's for the inland valleys. upper 60s and low 70's in the south bay. closer to the coastline, definitely cooler. 56 and half moon bay. a 20 percent chance of showers. temperatures will rebound into the weekend. a pretty nice memorial weekend on tap. >>grant: there are two major
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bay area averages setting down this weekend, the dumbarton is shutting down in both directions critical show starts at 10:00 p.m. on friday and lasting until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday.
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>>pam: kiberlee sakamoto is here with details on a date area talented teenager. >>kimberlee: a whiz kid when it comes to geography. he is one of ted stevens said to compete in tomorrow's final round of the competition. this is video posted on the national geographic youtube channel shows indiscriminate will places around his hometown and the state. he is full of facts. he attends a christian school in fremont and to procure he says he looks at atlases . the winner of the geography
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competition will be awarded a $25,000 college scholarship. the final round takes place tomorrow night in washington d.c. and will be moderated by alex trebek and shown on the national geographic channel. >> here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. it is really still breezy. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>>pam: the system of a man accused of kidnapping sierra lamar speaks out about her brother's innocence. new video of mayhem in the mission, we will show you the video posted by the vandals of themselves in to tell you how police will use this as new evidence in the investigation.
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>> there are about to let the people waiting for the president to arrive. so far, we have not seen his motorcade. there is a coast guard helicopter doing a couple of laps in the sky which leads me to believe that the president could be on his way. his campaign said he could be speaking anywhere between a quarter after 8:00 p.m. and 9:15 p.m..
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>>pam: >> i do not think my brother is capable of doing something like that. he is pretty mellow. he is not a violent guy. and think he is innocent.
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>>pam: other residents in the neighborhood say they are surprised by the rest of thorez. >>pam: the self-proclaimed anarchist group that split off from a preemie day protest last month hosted a video of themselves on-line. that video on youtube shows the group damaging businesses and cars. tonight, reggie kumar tells us with the san francisco police department plans to do. >> all of the self- proclaimed anarchists dressed in black covered their faces.
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police say it will be difficult to identify those to damaged businesses and cars. they say the to be video could be included. >> watch as they damaged the mission district police station. tonight at 11:00 p.m., business owners have no damage and react to destruction in the video. >> a major alert is set to start this friday night and
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will last from 7:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. monday june 4th. that is almost 10 days. thousands of frustrated writers make alternate plans. approximately 40,000 people ride the line on any given weekday, now they will have to find another way to travel.
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during the long shutdown buses will be available for people who rely on line to get around. >> i will probably just ride my bike. >>pam: bart is considering an operating budget with an 8% increase, under the new proposed plan they would run the richmond trains an hour later and hired 56 workers as well as setting aside millions of dollars for improvements.
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>>jaqueline: the mt. tam cam is bouncing around. the winds have been fairly tested throughout the evening. our strongest when guests around the bay area, as a full seeing for the mt. our task.
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>> the access is unusual. other conservatives are outraged. >> we provided the same information to everyone. >> the cia said national security is always paramount whenever indeed is a hollywood. the ball in question was empty and the time of the filmmakers and visit. >> the film is about the decade-long pursuit of bin- laden and has been in the making for several years into that integrates the efforts of the obama, bush
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and clinton administrations. it is unclear if the filmmaker has ever met will the filmmakers planner. >>pam: should the filmmakers be given access to sensitive information? visit our facebook fan page it post a comment. >>stanley: coming up, there is a place on the peninsula where cell phones are apparently fashion statement.
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>>grant: in the north bay at least five residential burglaries in santa rosa since the middle of april. we have spotted them out for you. in two of these burglaries', the suspect's said the homes on fire as the relieving the homes. the most recent burglary and arson happened saturday in the 3600 block of banyan please.
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in late april, a couple blocks south on being in street, another burglary and arson. most of these burglaries' are happening during the day. >>pam: san francisco police are searching for a suspect that shot three women in the tenderloin district. san francisco police are also investigating an home invasion robbery after a woman was held at gunpoint.
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>>pam: coming up gary has the highlights in the sports coming up. kraft
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>>stanley: a smart phone is a few hundred dollars.
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weavings what you have a cell phone attached your ear is priceless. welcome to san francisco international airport where cell phones appear to be a fashion statement. finding people breaking state law while driving to the airport was as easy as catching a cab. most of the drivers i saw were engrossed in their phone conversations, they never even saw me take it. many, when they would see an airport traffic officer would quickly tried to hide the phone.
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for the record, wearing doll your butts or headphones is also not permitted in, you could get cited. the fines for using a cell phone without a handsfree devise is on the verge of going up from $150 to about two and $50 for the first offense. the airport has soulful lots. my suggestion is to use them. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea, e-mail us. >> the winds continue to be guest zero parts of the bay area although they are dying down some.
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>> the winds are picking up at around the coastline. preconditions bay area wide. wind gusts in the '20s. a few places seeing gas in the 30's. i upper 60s and low 70's in the south bay. 75 in sunnyvale and cooler in the inland valleys. tomorrow will be a couple of degrees colder. a storm to the north
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freezing rain. the chances of rain will pass as we headed to saturday with improving conditions as we head into the week. >>gary: the evening. the giants left milwaukee on a down note. remember this guy once upon a time with their raiders defensive back. now, he is an all-pro with the packers. very few of these guys can throw out the first pitch with steam on it.
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you just saw jonathan homer. the giants can come no closer, that is it. the first of four in miami. the oakland a's and the angels' pitching at the coliseum. pool halls and parker.
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>>gary: says this took 40 swings to test his injured hand. manny ramirez, not so fast. aside the manny ramirez is not ready. i said this earlier of the
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>>gary: is mary --
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>>gary: @ manny ramirez does anything this year it will be slow. choice >>gary: the 49ers are practicing some more. >>vern: the 49ers practice today, rookies had to step back and take notice. alex smith seemed to have the command again. randy moss, even at 35 he appeared heady and shoulders above the rest. >> he is a great target.
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he is rock-solid. >>vern: moss has chosen not to speak until training camp begins. alex smith did the talking for him. >>gary: allen iverson returning home, so to speak. the 76ers' responded. bottom line, the celtics shoot 33 percent. the 76ers win at home.
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when we come back, a local player receiving it look from the warriors. dhaka
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>>gary: he is 868 forward working out today for the warriors. there is untrue. we will see if he gets a shot to draft him. it looks like a second round draft pick.
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another athlete one dancing with the stars. he looks pretty good. >>pam: good night.
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